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Keeping a Blog is Hard

When I started this website, honestly, I thought it would be much simpler than it has been. I have loved to write my whole life. Sharing my insights and opinions. However, I've found it hard. Reading through all of the How-Tos and helpful videos has hindered rather than helped me with this. Everyone has a different suggestion. All different options.

  • Stick to one niche so you can gain a specific kind of following.

  • Watch what you say, as you do not want to hinder your current or future following.

  • Make sure to cater to who is watching you.

Listen, I love all my readers. All the ones who reach out to me and ask me about my work, the ones who leave positive comments and emails and even the ones that can't stand what I do and point out offers for improvement.

What I don't like... Is the idea that in order to continue a successful blog... I have to think like another person, or group of people.

I started this so that I could be creative and express myself. That seems hard to do when I am trying to put myself into the mindset of another person all the time.

So, today's article is to let all who read my work know... I have decided to write what makes me happy. To share things with you that I found interesting, and I hope you may find interesting as well. Share bad decisions that I may have made so that you may not have to fall down that particular rabbit hole and share my parenting blunders so that you may all laugh at my pain.

I won't be trying to be someone that I am not, like some of these influencers tell me to do. Yes, I want a following and yes, I want my blog to thrive... but not if I have to sell my soul for that to happen.

So, to all still reading me after this post.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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