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Keep A Journal for Your Little One

I thought waking up at 7 am every morning to get my new kindergartener bathed and ready for school would be a chore. However, it's become one of my favorite points of the day. To see my daughter smiling and giggling about another school day gives me hope for the future.

I'm aware that there will come a day when she yells at me for waking her, and she decides that Monday's outfit from the hamper is a good costume decision for the day.

Those are the day's I'm very familiar with.

I'm sure I'll miss these times. The smiles and the hugs after I get her hair done, the long stories about her daily activities and the tales of her adventures during recess and lunch. All of the things that she'll tell her friends over her cell phone rather than express to me.

So today, I'm keeping a diary for her. Once a week I write to her about all of her adventures, all of her stories and our interactions throughout the day.

I use this adorable journal found on amazon! 100 pages available for me to keep track of all of our journeys and experiences.

Something specifically for her that I can give her on her 18th birthday. Allowing her to have a keepsake of all of those memories.

I want to remind my children how much they mean to me and how much I have been thinking of them throughout the years. What a better way than keeping a specific log dedicated to them.

We are all busy. We all have jobs, children, a house to keep, spouses, friends, family and many other things. At times it may seem impossible to do something extra, however, 15 minutes a day to dedicate to your child is absolutely doable. Give yourself that time...

You won't regret it.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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