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It's The Message That Matters: Some of My favorite Stories

We are all amazing writers who come from different walks of life. We are workers, parents, children and dreamers. Some of us are doing amazingly well in life and others are just keeping their heads above water.

Whatever your path — it has made you a writer and you are welcomed with open arms.

Today I wanted to do something new; something that I hope to do each month moving forward so you can be engulfed in the beautiful words I have had the luxury to read.

Some amazing people put these words onto their computers and published them to their profiles with such passion that it bares remembering. (In no particular order)

  1. Riley McLynn wrote of her obsession with energy drinks. What was good about them, what was bad about them and the nutritional value as well. Not everyone knows that energy drinks can be good for your health — they are normally lumped in with alcoholic drinks as something to stray away from. Take a peek into her world.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Energy Drink Obsession They promise health, weight loss, and energy; what’s not to love?

2. Rajeshwari speaks of the changes on Medium in August. Such as the removal of Coffee Times and the bots who attempt to appear as real human beings. She reminds us that life in unpredictable and sometimes we must ride the waves as they come. It’s a fantastic read.

Let’s Welcome August With a Newfound Hope This too shall pass…

3. Taylor Michael writes about being a mother within a blended family. The happiness that comes with finding a balance and how to maintain throughout the chaos. Reminding you that understanding, and compromise are needed when your spouse has no ‘pull out game’.

Blended Family part 1 So there are those out there who thrive on living through the life of someone with a crap ton of kids. My story is…

4. Daniel M. Wallin Jr. writes of the brain boosting nootropics in energy drinks. Giving you an inside look into the benefits one can gain from drinking energy drinks and suggesting his final choice.

Gaming victory : sweet or sour? Not all energy drinks are created equal when it comes to their ability to enhance your gaming experience. This next…

5. Carrie Morrison gives her take on the roots of relationships. Asking important questions like: How can we create roots when people just want to exist in the world that lives inside their phones? and Are we bound to superficial relationships? She reminds us that there are still people out there that want real connections.

Finding Our Roots I have gone most of my life without regrowing roots. We all start with roots, connections and relationships we form…

6. Sophia Metrakos expresses her concern for the most read topics on Medium being about Writing on Medium. Her topics consist of MomLife and Freelancing… so she wonders where she fits. I related a lot to this article because I too, do not conform to the ‘popular’ topics that run on this platform. I’m sure we all can relate.

I’m Not Sure Where I Fit In On Medium I have to be honest, I find it a bit obnoxious the way that so many people write about writing on Medium… on Medium…

7. Blogs by J gives us a good alternative to ‘living without regrets.’ Rather than living without them, we should learn from them. Stating that the feeling of regret means that something that happened in your life ended in a way you did not want or expect. So, it gives you the opportunity to make changes for if you run into similar situations in the future! Such a wonderful piece.

Dear Regret: You Are My Teacher A surprise benefit of our strongest feelings.

8. Sara Larca reminds us that size does not matter in this piece. Letting us know the joys of being on the shorter side of life. Like the fact that shorter people are seen to be innocent and cute immediately. Also, this writer uses many of her own personal art in many of her articles — they are worth taking a look at!

Advantages Of Being Short — (and 1 small setback) I​’m 5'1 — give or take a 1/4 inch. While it is annoying when people to ask me ‘how the weather is down there’ or use…

9. Gabby Gabs wrote a previous article playing a game called Two Truths and one Lie. For those unaware that is when someone you are just meeting gives you three bits of information about themselves and you must guess which is a lie. This article shows the answer to the original article, and I show this one as a favorite read because she has the ability to speak of something dear to her heart. The murder of a previous lover. Throughout this piece you can feel her pain through her words. It can stir the emotions… bring tissues. She also lets you in on a bit of her athletic career!

Two Truths One Lie — *UPDATE* Let’s find out who guessed right!

10. Keith O’Neill created a piece that is worth mentioning again and again. Many people throughout the world have struggled with sobriety in one way or another. Throughout this piece, Keith goes over his struggle with alcohol addiction and how he was able to fight through the cravings for himself and his family. He is, without a doubt, a very strong individual. I hope he knows it.

My Not So Straight Path To Sobriety Seeking the truth led me to exactly what I knew the problem was, but ignored for years.

These writers all write for different reasons, and all write about different things. It does not make any piece better than the other. There is no need to worry about grammar errors or if the piece is long or short. It’s the message that they send, that matters.

I think we sometimes forget what that platform is for. We’re there to get our thoughts and feelings out into the void. In hopes that someone reads our work and understands the place we are in at that time. Hoping someone will clap or leave a kind word that reminds us that we’re not alone.

So, please, check out some of this work. I promise you…

You won’t be disappointed.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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