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It Needs to Stop Now: Women Are Given Medals While Men Are Given Mud

Fathers tend to get the short end of the stick.... they're given mud while mothers are given medals. Oh, you don't agree? Let's take a look. We’re going to go over all the things' husbands and fathers do for their families.

(This piece was written for and dedicated to my husband for his birthday back in September 2022 on

Women are always seen as the center of their family universe. The one that keeps the household moving like a well-oiled machine. While fathers are somewhat overlooked.

I don’t like that.

It’s like women are given medals, while men are given mud and that’s just not the way it should be.

Both parents do what they can to support, love and care for their family.

Let’s take a peek at what the men are doing and not going insane.

They deserve a metal!
  • Putting up with bull sh*t: Not just from the spouse… the kids too. They’re the ones who take in all the nagging. “Honey you will never guess what Linda said about my outfit”, “Daddy, Samuel keeps breathing on me”, or (my personal favorite) “I hate my hair.”

  • Never knowing where anything is: If you’re a married man, you can relate to the fact that your spouse tends to rearrange EVERYTHING at least once a month. You’re constantly having issues finding things and when you ask your spouse where it is, they sigh and act as if you should automatically know where they put it this time.

  • Combatting Emotions: If you are a husband/father in a household with many different women. The estrogen ocean, if you will. Then you can understand the massive waves of emotion that some men have to combat on a daily basis. They buy the feminine products, the chocolate and the caffeine, yet wives still bite their heads off.

  • The Bouncer: Lots of kids means lots of different personalities fighting for King of the Hill status. The man of the house is always expected to keep the fight down and get peace back to the household.

  • The Bad Guy: In a marriage, it’s kind of like good cop / bad cop. There is one parent who is always the calm and understanding… and then there is the other parent, who has become the bad guy, the punisher… the enforcer. That thrown is normally taken by the husband. And they’re fine with that, as long as you don’t come at them complaining about HOW they do it.

  • Doing things, they don’t want to do: You may not realize this, ladies… but your husband or father does things for you all the time. Most of those things, he really…. really doesn’t want to do. No, he doesn’t want to go shoe shopping with you. No, he doesn’t want to go meet your gal pals for brunch. No, he doesn’t want to host your slumber party…. He would rather sit down and watch a game or play a game.

However, he loves you and wants to see you smile. So, he grits his teeth and does it.

Now… that’s love ladies.

And the final thing that men do that we should cut them some slack for:

  • Bad Guy Blow Up: Even after all the things they deal with and try to resolve all day long. They still are looked at as the bad guy if they get overwhelmed and yell. It’s perfectly okay for children to have tantrums and women to become a soppy crying mess at the drop of a hat, but if a man yells to get his point across… he suddenly has anger issues.

Isn't it awful?

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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