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Insights From the Bathtub

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Do you ever sit and ponder life decisions in your bathtub? For something that’s supposed to be relaxing, it sure does bring up a bunch of stress related thoughts. If you are wondering, yes, this article idea came to me in a bath. And no, I didn’t write it while in the tub. That would be weird.

Anyways, while I was soaking, feeling like Mrs. Hannigan off of the movie Little Orphan Annie, I couldn’t help but wonder… “Why haven’t I made it farther in life?”

Has this ever happened to you?

One day... it’s your senior year and you’re stealing your mom's car to drive off into your future and the next minute you’re a middle-aged, divorced, stay-at-home mom who feels like she’s let her life just run off and pass her by. I’m not bitter. I have beautiful children and have had some amazing experiences throughout my life. Even found my soulmate, although it took finding some disgusting frogs along the way to find my prince, I found him. I just assumed that I would be farther in my life by now. Assumed. Now that’s the problem. No one should ever assume anything. It always leads to anger and self-pity. Even if you expect the worse. Have you ever noticed that?

It’s as if the world is conspiring against you and only you. Similar to the notion Jim Carey made in Bruce Almighty where he stated “God is a meanie with a magnifying glass” … It’s not true, as I’m sure you’re aware. But the thought still doesn’t elude our minds when things get rough. I wonder why that is. You can be the most intelligent human being on the planet but if more than one thing goes wrong within a seven-day span, suddenly, the whole world is out to get you. Sounds silly when someone says it out loud, doesn’t it?

Halfway through shaving my legs, another thought sinks into the pit of my mind: “Where am I going to be in five years if I couldn’t make it to where I wanted to be in ten?” A drape of sadness washes over me as I watch the bubbles all cling to my thighs. Relaxing my ass. Bathing is more like a torture chamber of which you are locked into with only your thoughts to keep you company. Of course, it only takes a minute for me to regain my sanity and remember that what I did yesterday doesn’t matter. It only matters what I do tomorrow. That’s the beauty of it all I guess, a bad thought can strike a good thought, and a good thought can make all the difference in the world.

So, maybe bathing isn’t all that bad after all. Although, I may want to rethink the time I spend in there. I’m not a fan of the way my hands get all pruned. Yuck. Plus, it scares my youngest. I’m rambling again, sorry. Moral of the story? If you’re having writers block or cannot think of a way out — get into a bath. The bad thoughts come first, but if you can push through them — you could have your next million-dollar idea!

Welcome to “Insights from the Bathtub” — My Million-dollar idea. (The million dollars is a metaphor — I’m still gonna have to work for food.)

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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