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I'm Not Clay: A Song That Reminds Us to Be Ourselves

For the past few years, I have been slightly obsessed with the song Clay by Grace VanderWaal. This piece has gotten me through some of the most difficult parts of my life. Where I felt that I had to follow everything that others were doing or saying I should do. Attempting to mold me into their image.

When we are young, we do our best to fit in with others. Finding a group of friends that we can stick with. What we didn't understand was that once graduation came and went... Life would change. Everyone would go their own way and move forward with their own lives.

All that hard work we put in to shape ourselves in the image of others ended up being for not.

Once the changes begin, we realized that being ourselves was easier. This changed the way those that we were friends with saw us and those friendships began to fade, hopefully. The alternative to this is that those so-called friends began to advise us that we needed to make changes. That we weren't taking care of our children correctly, that we chose the wrong spouse, or we should be doing something different for a career....

This happened to me a few times. Each time I thought of Grace's song.

"Try to change my shape, but baby I'm not clay. Sorry, not today. Cause baby... I'm not CLAY!" - Grace VanderWaal

This world is full of opportunities ripe for the taking. There is no reason that we should continue the thought process from our adolescence. Stop allowing yourself to be molded into the shape of others. If they care for you, they'll support your decisions. If not, well maybe it's time for you to fade away from them.

We are all growing and thriving in our own ways. Remembering we are not clay and others cannot create something out of us that appeases them.... will lift a large weight off of our shoulders.

You're not clay!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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