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I Hate CocoMelon

Yessir, you read that right, folks!

I have grown to hate Cocomelon. Not because of the content.

It’s a wonderful show for young children to learn and grow.

No, I hate it because I hear it from the minute, I open my eyes in the morning until the minute I lay down. Everyday… ALL DAY LONG.

Now I know how my parents felt when I watched Rugrats, Little Bear or Franklin.

If you don’t know what any of those shows are… you must be much younger than I am.

Think about it. If you heard the little bug and tune — you’d know immediately that someone was starting a Cocomelon episode. Wouldn’t you?

I’m there.

The other day… I had to go throw my face into a pillow and scream. You know why? I’ll tell you why! Because my two-year-old son decided that for 45 minutes straight, all he wanted to hear was the BEGINNING of the Cocomelon show. Over and over.

Buzz Buzz… tiny pop tune sound… CocoMelon!

There’s not enough Monster energy, nicotine or headache medicine in the world that can lighten the ache that I get each time that beginning plays.

There used to be… two years ago. I used to think it was so cute and would even watch with him. Now, if I walk into a room and I hear it… I walk out slowly in stealth mode. Hoping he didn’t hear or see me walk in.

So… here I sit on my laptop… in the bathroom with my snack... hiding from the sound.

Tell me I’m not alone moms!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

Copyright © 2022 Kayla Tackett

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