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Helpful Tips for Making the Mother-Son School Dance a Memorable Event

Over the weekend, my boys and I attended our first mother-son school dance. As the mother of a son, you may be wondering how to make the mother-son school dance a memorable event. That's exactly what I was looking to accomplish. I wanted the boys to have the memory of our adventure together, create a deeper connection and communicate and a deeper level. And... of course... have some fun.

Here are some helpful tips that helped me create an amazing evening:

1. Talk to your son(s) about what he wants. This is his dance, after all! Find out what kind of things he would like to do at the dance. Does he like dancing? Does he want you to meet his friends? Make sure that the night is focused on him. He will appreciate it more than you know.

2. Make sure to get there early. You don't want to miss a minute of the fun! Maybe head out for an early dinner together before joining the festivities. The dance may only be scheduled for a couple of hours but that doesn't mean the fun has to be so short lived.

3. Take lots of pictures! This is a special event that you will both want to remember for years to come. Silly pictures, unexpected pictures, sweet pictures and everything else! Still memories to look back on for years to come!

4. Enjoy yourselves! This is a time to relax and have fun with your son. Just let loose and enjoy each other's company. Let yourself be silly with your little one!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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