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Grocery Shopping at a New Store

Grocery shopping as a parent can sometimes feel like you're in a real-life game of Rat Race. Everyone rushing through the store grabbing everything they 'need' and doing everything they can to get to the check out quickly to avoid human contact.

Ah, Covid has created such a connected community.

Yesterday morning, my husband and I become Sam's Club members (For those who are unaware of Sam's Club, it's a grocery store branch owned by Walmart). Anyway, we started our membership and went shopping for household items and groceries.

Recently, we have gained enough income to no longer receive EBT food assistance from the state of Ohio. Which I am personally very excited about. However, when we chose to begin buying in bulk, because of our large family, we had no clue that we soon would be walking into a jungle of fast-paced and pushy patrons of the establishment.

First, we had issues walking through the ENOURMOUS isles. People stopped with their large shopping carts speaking to one another about which brand is better for their household. Our two-year-old son even knew something was off. After a few minutes of waiting, he starts waving his hands around saying let's go...

Then, there is this wonderful option to scan your items as you shop to avoid waiting in the monstrous lines at the end of your shopping trip. This idea was interesting to me. Shop... save time... get out quick. Or... so we thought. We realized quickly that some of the barcodes of some of the items we were purchasing were not easy for the scanner to read. This ended up with us moving and twisting products around multiple times to get them scanned before moving onto the next item. But... we did get to walk out and pay without waiting for a register, so that was nice.

Last, there was the departure. Leaving the store in a rainstorm is never fun. So, this new shopping spot has a drop of and pick up lane to keep children and spouses dry while someone goes to retrieve the vehicle. Sounds great in theory... however, when it rains it pours. We happen to depart the store the same time as a lovely individual decided... rather than park and wait for their shopper... they would hold up the pickup lane and wait there. So, there I was, standing with the cart overflowing with a cold and frustrated toddler in the front. While this person (who I know could see us) sat and did not move. It was not until Derrek got out and politely asked if they would pull up so we could put our child in the car that they moved their vehicle...

This was fine, after all, we get the concept. But once we got Leo and the groceries in the car.... we were then stuck behind this person while they just sat there. After 10 minutes, Derrek ended up backing out (which you're not supposed to do) and left.

Will I go there again, yes... was I pleased with my first experience there... not really.


No one told me that when I grew up, I would run into situations that would make me question whether there was kind or intelligent life on this planet. Sometimes, I can't help but wonder.

However, when I returned home, I was reminded of the good in the world. Our neighbor saw me struggling with our son and my husband carrying groceries in the rain up to the house. He came to lend a hand.

It's crazy how a small kind gesture can wash away the irritations from the negativity found in the world.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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