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Good Parts to Parenting

I've written about the bad part of parenting a couple of times here on my site. Reminding other mothers/parents that they're not the only ones dealing with things that other parents neglected to mention when giving parenting advice.

So, it's only fair to go over the good points of parenting as well.

You see it all over the internet. Parents wearing matching outfits with their littles, taking trips out to the store and expressing all of the amazing accomplishments that their children have gained.

However, this article isn't going to be about those moments. This article is going to highlight the miniscule things that people overlook as being a good part to parenting. Either because the positivity is short lived or because it is something that you see other parents dealing with on a daily basis.

Let's go:

  1. Good grades on test/projects: When your child comes home with the biggest smile because they aced a project they worked on for weeks or a test they were concerned about. There's no other feeling like it for a parent. Seeing our children accomplished with themselves makes our whole world better... if only for a moment.

  2. Highlights in terrible twos: When your little one is going through their terrible twos and constantly has an issue with everything, it can become overwhelming. However, there are those subtle moments where your adorable toddler acts like a loving angel and your heart grows three sizes like the Grinch.

  3. Gifts - Just because: Nothing can compare to the feeling you gain when your little one brings home something they made you at school, or a picture they drew for you in their room.

  4. Smiles in the morning: It seems simple, and you probably see that almost every day - but I am always having a better day when I wake up to smiling and happy kids. Plus, we all know that one day they will grow and move out on their own. So, taking in the happiness the smile give now is a magical thing.

  5. When they talk to you about their life: So crazy to think that hearing about your children's problems or emotions would be considered a good part of parenting but knowing that your child is comfortable enough with you to talk about the things they are concerned about or excited about can take you to a whole different realm of parenting. It's almost like you've won a parenting medal or something.

It truly is the little things in life that make things so much better. They are subtle reminders that we are creating amazing human beings. It keeps the thought that we are housing these tiny humans that will grow up to be the adults that will one day run the world. We get small tastes of the adults they will someday grow up to be, and the pleasure to know that we are partially the reason!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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