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Funny Post of The Week: How To Sleep In

I think this is going to be more helpful to the zombie-like parents that tend to spend their day’s reading about how to not be a zombie-like parent.

For those of you who are not parents and still need to read steps on how to sleep in…

Therapy may be the way to go for you. Because, I know, that if I wasn’t a parent, I would get a second shift job specifically so I could sleep in.

Okay, I’m taking too long to get going.

Bear with me guys, it’s been a long morning.

  1. Turn off all clocks: Yes, all of them, and your Alexas or Google Homes too! If they’re off or unplugged, there is no way they could accidently set off that alarm you forgot to cancel.

  2. Let your kids stay up late the night before: This is obviously for those zombies I mentioned earlier. A good way to get your children to let you sleep in is to make sure they sleep in to. If they’re up really late, they’re probably going to sleep for a while.

  3. Hire a sitter: Again, for the parents out there. Some may think paying for a babysitter just so you can get a few extra ZZ’s sounds stupid. If you do, you’re probably not a parent.

  4. Take medication: Prescription status or even over the counter melatonin will help. Not my cup of tea, but if you’re into medical induced coma-like states… this one is for you.

  5. Call in sick: Many of you probably have a day job that starts hella early in the morning. A good way to ensure you don’t frantically wake up rushing to work because you slept in, is just to call in for a personal day. Yes… those are a thing. They’re also called, mental health days.

These seem simple I know. However, I feel like some people really need to hear (or read) the information in order to act upon it. Kind of like my kids, they know their trash doesn’t go on the floor. That doesn’t mean I don’t have to tell them about a hundred times to throw it in the trash.

Bonus tip for parents:

6. Duct tape your kid to the wall: You’ve seen it done on television and on YouTube. Why not do it to get a few extra winks of sleep. Although, I would suggest putting a towel on the floor in case they have to use the potty while you’re snoozing. Hope it helps guys.


Remember: This is strictly for comic relief. None of these tips are expected to be taken seriously. Stay Safe Everyone!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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