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Funny Post of the Week: How To Get Your Child's Mind Working

If you are a parent, you’re aware that when you ask a child why they did something you get…

UMM. UMI don’t know.

It was an accident.

Or some variation of these responses. It’s like their brain turns off, as if they’re robots. Although sometimes we wish they were. At least I do….

Let’s go over how to get your children to make their brains work:

  • Ground your children: They’ll come up with a reason really quick if they think it will get them out of trouble. Be careful though, they may try to throw a sibling under the bus when they did nothing to avoid trouble. Thus, getting into more trouble.

  • Offer them a deal: Sometimes, we really don’t care what they did. We just want them to tell the truth about things. So, we ground them and then we give a deal… if they can give us an answer their grounding will shorten or be removed all together.

  • Scare them: Sometimes yelling can get the results you seek. Granted… this tactic only works with the father since his voice can be heard throughout China when he’s angry. There’s a fine line between scared and terrified. Be mindful, you don’t want your children cowering in the corner every time you enter the room.

  • Make them write it out: When all else fails, having your child write 100 times that they will not do what they did can spark some brain power. They will want to pretty much want to tell you every bad thing they’ve ever done to get out of it. Now you’ll finally know who broke your grandma’s 19th century vase.

Children can be little angels with wings or little devils whose tails carry their pitchforks. Sometimes you have to get a game plan together in case you’re dealing with the devil side of things.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Remember: This is strictly for comic relief. None of these tips are expected to be taken seriously. Stay Safe Everyone!

If you have multiple littles that fight, constantly try this, Get Along T-Shirt!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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