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Funny Post of The Week: How to Forget a Mistake

We are all humans. We make mistakes, blunders and oofs. It’s our nature. This is not something to get all bent out of shape about. We can take time out of our mistake making days to work on forgetting those mistakes and create new ones.

Here are some ways to forget mistakes that some have begun.

  • Take up drinking: Yup, alcohol can make you forget yesterday, and barley remember today! Many people choose to do this in bars so that they may forget their mistakes with others or, if you’d rather, you can do this in the solitude of your own home while watching Princess Bride.

  • Find a mistake done by someone else: Sometimes, a way to get over your own blunder is to focus on one performed by someone else. This works better if you make a point to get others thinking about the other person’s mistake too. Now you and many others are so engulfed in that other person… your mistake is floating at sea!

  • Blame it on someone else: We were all children once. The concept is simple, after you’ve made your mistake, carefully choose the individual you are willing to pin it on. Hint: This works better if you choose someone who commonly makes mistakes on a regular basis.

  • Move: Yes, running away from your problems is a very popular idea… If your mistake is so large that there is not a cold day’s chance in hell that people will forget or allow you to lay blame elsewhere, moving is your best bet. I hear Hawaii is nice… or Cuba.

  • Exercise: Working your glutes doesn’t just have to be for weight loss or muscle strength. I like to think of it this way, if you morph into a model-looking individual you’re golden. People will probably not forget your mistake, but because you look like something out of a magazine, they won’t care.

Now look at you, ready to take on the day and deal with your blunders head on! Go get ’em tiger!


Remember: This is strictly for comic relief. None of these tips are expected to be taken seriously. Stay Safe Everyone!


If you’d like to keep track of the mistakes you’ve made and how you were able to forget them… Try this DON’T LOOK: My Feelings are In Here journal!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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