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Funny Post of the Week: How To Break a Glass

In a fit of rage, there are many ways people attempt to get their point across. One of my personal favorites is when someone breaks a glass. Whether that be a drinking glass, plate, candle or anything else for that matter.

Makes me feel like I’m in an old Hollywood film.

If you’re looking to shine some light on your anger during your next verbal altercation, take these steps to get it done!

  • Make sure it’s not something you want to keep! I’m aware that the heat of the moment can make you throw logic out the window, which is why you’re breaking something in the first place, but that’s no reason to break grandma’s 18th century vase. Make a mental note of the items you can and cannot break for future use.

  • Find a hard surface. In order to ensure the items shatters in the dramatic way you intend, you have to make sure it hits against something equal to or harder than the item. Throwing something down on your bed may bounce it but I’m not sure that will get your point across.

  • Pick up the item. You can’t really break the item if it’s five feet from you. Unless you plan on hitting it with a sledgehammer… which many of us don’t have… so let's assume you intend to throw it. In which case… you gotta pick it up.

  • Hold it for a while. Give the person you are conflicting with time to ponder on what you intend to do with the item. The key is dramatic effect.

  • The throw. Might we suggest this be done at a time where the discussion has gotten overly heated, and you are at your loudest point. Nothing gets a point across better than flying pieces of glass.

  • The impact. This will be your glory moment. You will know because, even for a brief moment, the conflict will cease as you and the other individual will look at the item and attempt to dodge the debris.

  • The cleanup. Yes… it’s a step. You can’t just leave glass all over the floor, table or counter. (Depending on what surface you chose.) Someone could get hurt. Might I suggest a broom and dustpan?

Do you feel better now? No one got hurt, did they? Remember, dramatic effect is not geared towards hurting anyone so keep it contained.


Remember: This is strictly for comic relief. It is not intended for anyone to attempt to break things at or around others. Stay Safe Everyone!


If you are looking for pretty glass though, might I suggest this Glass Tea Sets for Women! Gorgeous. However, I wouldn’t suggest breaking it.

If you enjoyed my work. Buy me a coffee and keep me writing!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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