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Following The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial?

Everywhere I look, there is information on the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial. Most of that information is advising of who is and is not guilty of spousal abuse.

At this time, it seems as though Amber has gained the public vote for being the abuser. What the judge will advise? Only time will tell.

Throughout the trial I have found myself keeping track of all the information gained throughout the trial to make my own assumptions. Through doing that I thought to myself - Maybe there is a specific notebook I could gain to keep this information.

Low and behold, I was 100% correct - Many low contents book creators have taken it upon themselves to create some interesting journals for just that. Here are some of my favorites!

Click the image for purchase options

This has not been specific to notebooks or journals. Individuals have also created T-shirts and many other items connected to the trial! Below are some options I found that may be interesting to some.

Click the image for purchase options.

Although we're all aware that this trial will not continue on forever, sometimes it's just nice to have something to keep the memory alive.

I myself will always keep #justiceforjohnny in my heart. That's right - I already have chosen a side. What side are you on?

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