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Five Steps to Reduce Stress: Ease Your Body and Mind

Coping with stress has become more and more important over the years and amazingly more complex. You can deal with stress in all different ways and depending on how sever your stress may be, you could benefit from learning a few ways to cope with stress from your doctor.

I you are dealing with lesser forms of stress you can use many different techniques to try to curve your stress. Everything from playing games that may relieve stress to giving yourself breaks for five minutes at a time. You could practice mindfulness, give yourself a vacation, join a Zumba class to exercise or gaining a new hobby.

If you're dealing with a severe case like chronic stress, I would suggest once again to consult your physician. There are many medications out there for some to cope with severe stress that have proven to have positive effects. If you're comfortable taking meds, that is. I, however, am not. But if you are, there are some well-known options such as Prozac or Zoloft. Each of the options have their good and bad point, providing increased anxiety for some and relief for others. Sometimes, the side effects of these medications are worse than what they treat. On top of that, many people end up having to go through many different medication options before finding the one that works for them, plus they can be addicting.

So, what if you're like me and you don't like taking medications? What other ways can someone cope with stress?

Let's look at the options, shall we?

  • Self-Care: Give yourself the same care you would provide to your child. Give yourself time to relax in a bath, enjoy a good book or listen to relaxing music. It can do more for your stress levels more than you could imagine.

  • Diet: Eating healthy foods and watching your intake of sugars and fats can aid to your stress as well. Keep the mindset that anything you enter into your body can contribute to your mental state. Try to minimize things such as caffeine and alcohol as much as possible. Find things that are high in Vitamin B12. If you're concerned that you do not know enough about nutrition to make accurate changes, speak with a nutritionist to get you on track.

  • Therapy: Joining support groups, single therapy and even couples therapy can all be included in this option. Depending on where your stress derives from. Making the appointment can sometimes be the hardest part of this process. Sometimes, speaking with a friend or family member can also be helpful and requires no appointments. Meeting with support groups can connect you with others going through similar situations. They are anonymous, free from judgment and easy to find.

  • Exercise: I don't mean to go out and join a gym, however, if that's something you're interested in, by all means. What I am getting at is taking 15 to 20 minutes out of your day to take a walk or ride a bike around your town. Make it a family event each day to walk around your block. Or maybe find a 15-minute work out on YouTube and dedicate a space in your home to do it each morning before you begin your day.

  • Mindfulness: Three to five minutes is all you need for mindfulness. You could do it at your office at work, or in your bed before you get up for the day. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, focus on the sound of birds outside your window or the smell of coffee in the air that your spouse made before leaving for work. Engulf yourself in the small things we normally don't recognize.

Each of these options are natural and keep from causing harm to the mind or body. They provide inner comfort and mental awareness when done right.

In most cases, these will help with mild and moderate cases of stress on their own. However, they are often suggested to use alongside medications for someone with chronic stress levels.


You see, stress reduction does not always require medication or funds. Take steps to reduce your stress a little more each day and if you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of stress you're feeling, speak to your doctor to find what's best for you.

Don't give in to your stress, you can fight it!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

Copyright © 2022 Kayla Tackett

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