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Family Fun Day: Family Feud

Happy Sunday! Welcome to the first Family Fun Day post that will go out each Sunday. These specific blog posts will give a fun idea to do with your whole family. Games, outings and so much more!

Strap in - This one a household favorite!


Family Feud Kids & Parents

Suggesting this game first was decided by the children in my household. They are the reason this site was created so it's only fair we give them some say in a couple of things.

I have to say I'm pleased with their choice. This game gives hours of fun for the whole family.

There are many versions to the Family Feud board game but this one sheds light specifically on families. Having two different decks. One specific to children and, of course, one specific to parents. Wonder who will have the most right answers.

Don't be too quick to count the kids out. You'll be surprised how much they know and how well they are able to stump you with your questions.

Play the game: Get the cards and the score card out to begin the game. (Make sure that one person is specified to be the host and change the host each game) Go through questions using the rules specified on the rules sheet.

Declare a winner: Make sure to take time to congratulate the winning team and reassure the losing team.

Give prizes: In our house there is a specific prize for each member of the winning team and a secondary prize for each member of the losing team. These are things such as desserts: Ice cream for the winners and snack cakes for the losers. Or, if you want to big with it, you can get a large prize such as movies or game cards for the winners and small stuffed animals for the losers. The options are endless.

And of course HAVE FUN! Family game nights seem like they are unavailable because you have so many other things going on in your lives. That is simply untrue. I would like to give you a piece of advice I was given at the time I became a new mom:

If you have time to binge watch a tv show - you have time to do something with your littles once a week. -- Give it a try. The shows will be there tomorrow.

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