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Embrace Your Natural Beauty in Honor of Women's Month

Last week, I posted something on Facebook to celebrate National Women’s Day.

Why are we so afraid of aging? Use filters to hide the changes to our face that come from living life? Wear makeup to shave years off of our looks to attract complete strangers?
I'm sure many of us would come up with different answers to those questions. I've come to the conclusion that this has just become the societal norm. It's not as normal for a woman to take a frontal headshot with no filters, no makeup and no mask whatsoever.
So, in honor of Women's Month I'm calling on all women that see this to let your natural beauty shine through! Share the beauty you were born with! Take a face shot that shows the real you.
-Kayla #WomensMonth #naturalbeauty #beunapologeticallyyou

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I wanted to remind everyone that beauty doesn’t come from the cosmetics you can purchase from a store to medical surgeries available today or from a box of hair dye…. It comes from your experiences. The changing/aging to your face tells a story of the experiences you have faced within your life.

Yes, it’s a change from your smooth skin from your teenage years… but it is part of your story.

Don’t get me wrong, I wear makeup on occasion, and it makes me smile when I can take a trip back in time for a few hours. But, at the end of the day… after I clean my face and hop into bed — I’m smiling wider.

Looking in the mirror… I am reminded that I favor some of the women in my family. I see bits and pieces of my mother, my grandmother and my sissy Pearl within my face. Being reminded of those women makes me feel as if I have the power, passion and determination of all three of them within me.

It’s amazing what you can be reminded of when looking at your inconsistencies. What are you reminded of?

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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