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Daughters Can Be Demons

Having many children can be highly entertaining - then on the other hand you can want to pull your hair out strand by strand. Today's entry is going to star my beautiful sour patch kid. Lillian is 5 years old and is a ball of fire.

I would like to tell you a little story about when she was TWO!

One day, her grandmother and grandfather decided it would be a great day to take her and her brothers to the water park down the road. Great idea, right? WRONG. The ENTIRE time Lillian wanted to only be on the swing set. Which, if I were there, would have drove me insane. However, that is not even the best part.

When they get home, she sits in her swimsuit and decides that she's just going to go back. My little angel in her little yellow one piece - walking out the front gate of our home and down the street to the park. Her reaction when her father picked her up to bring her back in the yard was instant hatred and betrayal. Kicking and screaming all the way up to the front door.

No one let us know that having a daughter would mean that we would be seeing glimpses of me when I was younger, oh wait... yes, they did.

Ah, parenting is the greatest gift in the world. My little demons are growing up so fast.

Where's my wine?

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