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Date Night to Brag About

Dinner and a movie have never been my idea of a good date night. I could never understand why people use this as the normalized first date. When you’re at a movie, you’re not learning anything about the person. In fact, you’re not even speaking. You’re just watching a movie.

Then, at dinner, you have maybe 30 minutes of time to speak before you are eating and focusing on not looking like some crazy lunatic that has never eaten outside of your hovel before. Worrying about eating with your mouth closed, not making odd noises while chewing and not eating too fast. You don’t want to seem like you accepted the date invitation for some free food and drinks… right?

No, my ideal date is much more interesting than that.

I love the idea of taking a long walk. This could be on a bridge, on the beach or even through a small town with such wonderful scenery. I would like to go to a paint and sip and create some art together than you can look back on for years to come.

Maybe go see a standup comedian and take a stroll to talk about the show afterwards. Finding something that interests both of us and having meaningful conversation. Connection through communication is what makes a date meaningful to me. You’re falling in love with someone’s mind and personality. Knowing their favorite movie genre and late-night dinner choice is cool, but it is not going to generate a lasting romance. 🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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