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Date Night: Paint & Sip

Welcome everyone to the first Date Night Blog! Every Saturday a blog will go out with a new Date Night idea for you and your partner. Some in home, some out and about and all in between. Rather than spend all of your time researching new ways to spice up your relationship -- keeping a monthly (or weekly) date night can keep everything hot and heavy. Or at least to the point where you continue to enjoy each other's company.

With the explanation out of the way: Let's get started!

Paint & Sip....

A paint and sip is a relaxation outing. Kind of like yoga with out all the sweat dripping from you and being out of breath. It is a therapeutic date that can get you and your partners creative juices flowing. A little alcohol never hurt either. Now, if you're not a drinker, don't fret! The drinking portion of the outing is purely optional. Sip on a pop or water if you'd like. The only one that will be focusing on you is your partner.

It allows you to meet new people! If you and your parner are anything like me and my husband, then you know this is a needed thing for some couples. It's so difficult to find other couples to spend your time around that you connect with and that share your interests. Well, if you have a flair for fun and getting some art made in a social setting and they are too; part of the battle is over!

Keep the anxiety down ladies. Going to a paint and sip does not require you to be Picasso. To be honest, 75% of the individuals that partake in these festivities have never touched a canvas before, let alone painted upon one. You will be among similar minded individuals. A large amount of the other people you will find at these gatherings are attempting the same thing you are. They are looking for differences in their regularly scheduled program.

In a nutshell, we've gathered that the idea of a paint and sip is therapeutic, creative, can allow you to make new acquaintances and requires no previous skills or expertise.

it's also incredibly fun. If this is something, you and your partner feel may be something you'd enjoy -- I have a couple tips I'd like to provide you with before you schedule your outing:

  1. Laugh at your mistakes: Don't take it too seriously guys. You're there to make memories and have a good time. So if your tree looks like an oversized version of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, then roll with it.

  2. Take a leap of faith: If you see the painting, they are suggesting you make and instantly you feel it is too difficult, don't run away screaming. Jump in with both feet and give it a try. If something goes array then please see tip number one.

  3. Make it your own: They never advise that you MUST paint what they are teaching you to paint. You paid for the lesson, but if you want to go off and let your creativity run wild -- then do just that.

Enjoy your time out as much as you can. After the class, if you don't find it's for you, that's alright. We'll have another suggestion for you next week.

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