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Create Your Dream Life: Become Perfectly Happy

Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Assuming that anything that could go wrong will go wrong and contemplating curling back under the covers to see if your mood changes?

Happens to me all the time.

I needed something to help me maintain my positivity and keep a view on the brighter side of life. So, like any 30-something mother… I went searching the internet for assistance. This is where I found The Perfectly Happy Vision Board Affirmations & Gratitude Journal app. All this time scrambling to create a list of goals together to create a better life would have been much easier if I had found this app sooner!

Easier is always better when you’re working, attending school and wrangling little humans on a regular basis.

Large companies use visualization as a way to get consumers to purchase their goods. Pictures of beautiful food from a restaurant makes you want to eat there, video of fresh produce at your local grocery store makes you want to purchase from them and images of children playing with a new toy makes your children NEED that item.

Does any of this sound familiar?

The Perfectly Happy app presents the same concept, except instead of seeing food and toys; you’re seeing positive affirmations to assist your positivity in your daily life. Right from your phone!

There is an option to create your own vision board. For those unaware, a vision board is a type of collage. Rather than placing multiple photos of your famous crush, like you did in high school, you place images of the goals you wish to achieve or those who inspire you to reach those goals.

Movie stars, athletes, CEOs and artists use vision boards for visualization as well. This allows them to reach their peak performance each day.

It’s like an amplifier for manifestation!

There were so many image options:

  • Family & Friends

  • Career goals

  • Household goals

  • I even added some Financial goals (why not?)

Simple and easy positive visualization! Using the Perfectly Happy Vision Board, I was able to combine images of the goals I wanted to achieve with photos of my own in minutes!

After I was pleased with my work, I watched the board for a moment. Something was missing. I started to play around with the app a bit. Clicking all different areas to see what each did. I was excited to find out that I didn’t just have the option of adding images and photos, I also could add my own positive affirmations and even music to aid to my board.

That wasn’t even the best part though. After I was pleased with all that I had added to my board, I was shocked that the app turned this into a video clip for me to watch whenever I wanted. Rather than just staring at a still image, this video showed me the different images and photos I placed, played the music I chose and read the positive affirmations I entered out loud to me! I was so excited, I just kept creating more and more… until there was one made for every goal I had.

The main goal of this app is to provide you with the visualization of your goals and ambitions to manifest them, allow you to move through life struggles and create a focal point of your desired results in such a way that you start to feel as if it is already a reality.

The best way to do that…

Watch the vision board you created!

I know, sounds simple, right? That’s because it is!

I started to enjoy this app so much that I began to research everything I could about it and what it offers.

Here’s what I found:

Perfectly Happy is rated 4.8 out of 5.0 by its 250,000+ happy visualizers!

  • This app provides you with 1800+ uplifting affirmations to choose from or you can choose your own!

  • It allows you to create a widget that shows your chosen affirmations on your home screen for easy access.

  • Simple and easy positivity at your fingertips.

I read a sentence that summed it up perfectly,

“It’s like vitamins for the soul.”

Now, the vision board isn’t the only option available on the app. (Although it’s my favorite part.)

There is also the option to write in an internal Gratitude Journal within the app. This allows you to look back on your progress and allows you to remain focused on the positive things and people in your life. And maybe even attain more of them. Create boards and journals for each area you would like to reach your full potential.

  • Health

  • Spirituality

  • Career

  • Lifestyle

  • Better Body Positivity

  • Sleep and Relaxation

  • Family

  • & More!

The Benefits:

  1. You will develop a clear understanding of what is and is not important within your life.

  2. You will find yourself more present, mindful and aware of the positives that surround you.

  3. You will gain more positive things as you begin looking for them!

  4. You will begin starting the day with focus and motivation.

  5. You will find your stress level has decreased.

  6. Become more balanced.

  7. Days where you are down in the dumps can be shifted with positivity through the app.

  8. Over time, as you become more mindful of what you have accomplished; your self-confidence will grow.

  9. You will find that after a while, more positive people and individuals have come into your life.

All of this information was making this process too good to be true. Normally, too good to be true means just that. I’ll admit, I was skeptical.

However, after beginning the process and giving it shot, I realized that my positivity had raised higher than I anticipated. I started making moves for my future that I never thought was possible before. I have more confidence in myself, and my abilities and I am able to get through stressful situations without completely losing my mind. It’s so refreshing.

Why not create a better tomorrow every day in 2023? Why don’t we gift ourselves with this amazing option? Why not join me to experience your own realization and Be Perfectly Happy!

Go to this link — →

And use my referral code 15KAYLA to purchase your subscription with a 15% Discount! Dive into positivity each day of 2023 and manifest your own future!

🧡 Shine Bright, Kayla

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