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Create Better Content: Amazon Standing Right Light Review

I’ve been making YouTube videos and TikTok videos for about a year and I just recently purchased this particular gem to create my content. It has made photo and video capturing so much easier.

And it beats putting my cell on the floor, that’s for sure.

Improve your photos and videos with this Torjim 12" RGB Ring Light with 62" Tripod Stand.

This stand has given me freedom to create my content in many different ways than I ever did before. Now, I had a cell holder with a ring light that sat on my desk… but this isolated my content to only a few places in order for the content to come out right.

With this new item, I can do my videos outside, in my hallway or in the middle of a room if I want without having to worry about lighting or placement of my cell. It really did make all of the difference.

It allows me to start my videos or take my photos from far away with the handy wireless remote it came with. I am no longer held hostage by the timer sequence or having to edit out the time from when I turn on my video to when I actually begin recording my content.

It has a USB plug… So, I can us this out and plug it into my vehicle to take content shots outside of my home.

I could go on and on about how this item has made my creations so much better, but I would have to suggest giving it a shot! Grab the Torjim 12" RGB Ring Light with 62" Tripod Stand today and start making moves with your creations!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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