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Changing Up Your Home Decor

If you're anything like me, then you have a tendency to rearrange your furniture around your home about once a month. Always looking for new ways to make your home look fresh and modern.

There may even come times when you decide to make purchases of new items for a specific room to get a massive change created. There's something magical about having a room look shiny and new. When the bug bites you to make these changes, it's hard to decipher the exact items you're wishing to choose for your change.

Are you looking for a specific color or a certain type of decor. Modern, Rustic, or bohemian? Then there is the fabric and wood choices. Leather, cloth, oak, elm....

Everything requires planning and decisions. Then there is the little issue with the other people in your home. Will they like your decisions? Do they have different interests when it comes to the things around your home?

With all of those decisions, I have taken the liberty of finding some items that may assist in your quest. Separated by type of decor.

Let's start with modern Items: (The style we're going with when we move in March)

This Artechworks Velvet Button Tufted Accent Armchair is one of the items I am seriously considering for our move next month. The color is perfect for what we're going for with the living room.

This Large floor ceramic vase is our most recent purchase. I have fallen in love with the purity and cleanliness that comes from white home decor items.

These BlueYets 4 Pack Wall Decor set is perfect for an office or "She Shed" area. Perfect for a conversation starter.

Rustic Home Decor Items:

These Rustic Wall Hanging Mason Jars with remote lights are perfect for that rustic look. Adorable and useful.

Lift Coffee Table for that perfect rustic feel. Even a storage location for items you may need in the living rooms. Games, writing items and candles.

This blanket ladder is something I feel would add something interesting to any household. Especially if you're like me and gain massive amounts of blankets and throws each year.

Bohemian Home Decor:

This AOPSEN dresser with fabric drawers is such an interesting piece. The artistry upon it is sure to start a nice conversation.

I am loving this SnugLife macrame wall hanging shelf! It instantly reminds me of vacationing in Jamaica and relaxation.

Dried Pampas Grass has become super popular for many home decorating tips recently. Whether you've chosen a modern, rustic or bohemian feel, this 96 pc pampas grass set will aid to your overall look.

For other items that I recommend when it comes to household items... Check out my Benable:

We are all looking for ways to make our homes more interesting for ourselves. We also would like for those who visit our home to be intrigued by what we have around our home. It gives us a feeling of accomplishment.

A clean, organized and well-maintained home can give us a sense of pride.

What items would you suggest when getting new items for your home? Leave me a comment and let me know!

See you all next Tuesday for another shopping article.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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