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Budget Binder: Save Your Money

There are many articles out today suggesting ways to budget funds. In fact, I went over 5 Tips: Budgeting and Saving money recently. However, learning how to budget is only the first step. Then there is the question of where to put my money you're saving away.

Some people choose to hold it in a checking or savings account, some use the envelope method, and some put it under their mattress. Okay, I don't recommend that last option.

Then, there are some who have recently begun using budget binders. These small binders have become increasingly popular over the years. Their bright colors, ability to personalize and promotion have made them a popular choice among women and parents.

I chose the Sooez Budget Binder with Zipper Envelopes & Expense Budget Sheets. Not only because it was adorable, but because it allowed me to choose which names, I wanted to go on my zipper envelopes and allowed me to use it as important item holder as well. I can keep social security cards, important credit cards that I wish not to use at that time and more within it. Then, when I'm not using it or entering funds into it, it can stay safely secured in our safe.

There are times when you find things online that seem like they're exactly what you're looking for.... but then when you get them in the mail, they're nothing like the photos or descriptions.

That didn't happen here. I was delighted to find that this binder was exactly as I saw it before purchasing. It provided me multiple stickers to choose from to place on my zipper envelopes and the ability to use all or just some of them. It also came with the budget sheets exactly as they were presented on the site.

I am more than pleased with my purchase of this budget binder and wanted to share my happiness with you all!

If you are looking for a budget binder and enjoyed this post, you can CLICK HERE to find the item. Or click the button below to find other budget binders through Amazon that might be better suited for your needs.

Happy Saving Everyone!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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