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Breakfast Habits of Kids: Make Them Excited for Summer Mornings

Four children in the home, all with different likes and dislikes. Yet the one thing they can agree on is what they want for breakfast each morning.


That would be the end of the article if I didn’t have some fun information on how I get them to eat other things.

Yes, my children would be perfectly okay with filling a large bowl that resembles a beach ball up with sugary little pellets of happiness… complete with 3 cups of milk. Now, times that process by 4, to include all of the children, and then… times it by 7 to include each day of the week. How much cereal and milk would you say we would go through a month?

The average bag of cereal, the cheapest options are around $5 a bag.

Milk at our local grocery store is $4 a gallon and a gallon are made up of 16 cups.

At the very least, this would mean my children would be eating one bag of cereal and one gallon of milk PER DAY. That’s $9 a day, $63 a week, and $252 a month. FOR BREAKFAST.

The answer I found was enough to look for other alternatives to my children’s eating habits in the morning. At first, I tried the standard changes.

  • Oatmeal

  • Frozen pancakes

  • Poptart's

Anything that meant I did not have to cook in the mornings before work. Yet, it wasn’t the instant fix I was hoping for. I found that these choices helped a bit here and there, but the children got to a point where they were falling back to cereal and milk. So, we ended up just spending more money to end back at the original issue.

With this new knowledge acquired, I started looking for meals that I could prepare in the evenings. Things I could get together for the kids to have in the morning without overdoing it or getting bored. I was surprised at all that I found and how happy my children were with the results.

Here are four of the favorites within our household. If any pique your interest, give them a try.

  1. Mini egg Muffins: After finding this recipe I started playing around with ingredients that the kids love. They can be stored 2–5 days and make for a quick and easy morning meal for the littles that they love!

  2. French toast Sticks: Super simple I didn’t even need to find a recipe. I just made French toast as I normally would, cut them into sticks and placed them into containers. All the littles had to do was heat them up and add syrup!

  3. Yogurt with Berries: I found a recipe on the link provided, but I ended up changing things to appease my littles and their favorites. This is a huge favorite with the middle children. They’re always so excited to see what flavors have been added.

  4. Overnight Breakfast Wraps: These were so fun! I was surprised at how happy the children were when they first woke up to them. They can be made to keep overnight for next day use, or many can be made and frozen to use throughout the week. We love cheddar, eggs and bacon. Let your imagination run wild!

Mornings have become a bit more fun in the household because the kids are always excited to see what new surprises await them in the mornings. Being a parent can seem stressful and overwhelming, but it’s things like this that can remind you that your children aren’t looking for the finer things in life. They just want to be reminded that you are thinking of them and doing your best every day.

What a better way to do that than to start with breakfast.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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