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Boost Your Desire: Knowing your Personal Goals and What it Takes to Reach Them

When you are in the depths of life, there are a few things you must fully understand.

  1. What you want.

  2. How bad you want it.

  3. How far you’re willing to go to get it.

To get a clear understanding of all of these things, you must have one key component.

Your desire must be strongly developed toward accomplishing what it is you want in life. It will give you the determination and energy and will give you an invisible force that pulls you toward your goals. A magnet of sorts.

Now… you can use this magnet for good or for evil.

Success V.S Failure.

It fully depends on how you control it and which way you shine your magnet. Many of us spent the bulk of our lives wishing or wanting for things rather than fully going after them.

Take a close look at the progress of someone who has reached their goals. A famous person for example.

Lady Gaga: Was sexually abused at 19 and dropped on her parents' doorstep because she was pregnant and sick. She went through therapy due to the tragic events and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She performed with Melle Mel in 2005 and gained her iconic name in 2006 by her producer boyfriend Rob Fusari.

Today she is a pop icon and is continuing her growth! History be damned.

Matthew LeBlanc: Began his acting journey on the hit TV show Friends and skyrocketed to stardom. What you don’t know is that before the show began, LeBlanc had no funds what-so-ever. In fact, when his first paycheck arrived from the show… Courtney Cox bought a car…. Matt bought a hot meal.

He is still acting today and continuing his desire to succeed has brought him more than he ever imagined.

They were driven by desire to achieve their goals and kept pushing… even through failure. Many of the people you strive to be like have only gotten to where they are now by trying again and again, failing again and again and never stopping.

Without desire, you would not be able to accomplish much. Even something as simple as waking up with your little ones to get them to school — takes desire. Even if that desire is to have a quiet house for a few hours.

Everything you do, physically or mentally, depends on how much desire you have to accomplish it.

Little to no desire = Little to no progress. Large amount of desire = Large reward.

The more you desire to have or do something, the harder you will work to obtain it. So, you will eventually reach your goal. (No matter how much struggle you run into while trying.)

Before you begin any task, ask yourself if you desire the outcome. In order to start you must desire the things we set forth to do in order to achieve them.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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