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Blogging Differences: We’re Not All the Same

New bloggers are coming out of the woodwork on a regular basis today. This process includes making a daily online journal for the world to see. The person, or blogger who maintains the blog can choose to write daily, weekly or even monthly. Depending on the writer's content. They may choose to post even more than once a day at times. Also, the content of the blog normally connects in one way or another. Content creators refer to this as a niche.

Throughout this piece, I will be expressing the difference between a private blog and a public blog. I will also go over how to be a professional blogger or just a personal blogger.

Private or Public blogging:

Yes, you can choose to have a blog that is private or public!

Private blogs have viewers who have been personally approved by the blogger to view their work. Public blogs, however, are available to all internet surfers. The decision to make a blog private depends on if the creator is comfortable with anyone and everyone reading their work.

For Example: Someone who writes a blog about their life to vent out their frustrations they face, may choose to create a private blog that only has select views. Mainly to keep friends and family members from seeing their content.

On the other hand, bloggers who create content to promote their business or affiliations may choose to keep their blog public so that anyone and everyone can see their content. These individuals are hoping to get their words out to the masses. I am one of these bloggers. I write about my life, my work, my affiliations and everything in between. Others like me, also want to connect with other writers who share their insights or feelings.

Becoming a professional blogger:

Creators who run a blogging website can use this as a form of income. You may ad Google AdSense, affiliate links or links to products you create in order to generate additional income for your household. Some companies will even pay bloggers to maintain a blog they do not own as well. Some are paid per post they create, per content view they gain or a payment based on a combination of the content creation and views as a whole. In these situations, the blogger may not own the particular site but earn compensation for writing upon it.

Becoming a personal blogger:

Some can create a blog just because they wish to keep up with friends and family, whereas others want to share their experiences with the world. When you create a blog for personal use only it can be such an exciting experience. However, the blogger must remind himself/herself to now allow the demand of maintaining a blog to engulf them in stress. If you are writing and maintaining a blog per spiritual, mental or other personal reasons, you should always remind yourself that it is not to be taken too seriously. Just have fun!


Maintaining a blog can be a continuous task, regardless of your reasons. Make sure that you are willing to put in the work, enjoy what you do and remind yourself that you are only able to do so much. Many bloggers, myself included, tend to bite off a bit more than they can chew at times and find themselves in an overwhelming situation. Allow yourself to breath, give yourself a break and push forward when you are ready. Your readers will understand.

I hope this piece has been a bit helpful for those who are struggling with a current blog or who are currently weighing the pros and cons of beginning one in general.

There is enough room on the world wide web for us all! Good luck to you.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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