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Asking the Silly Questions That Everyone Is Thinking but No One Asks

Normally, writers create a piece to inform readers of something. To give them guidance and insight into things that people want to learn

Today I’m not going to do that….

Let’s shed some light on questions people don’t normally ask but everyone wants to know!

Beware guys, these are some hard questions. However, they’re hilarious and real-life situations.

Let’s stop the suspense, shall we?

  1. Why doesn’t Mary Poppins tell Mr. Banks that she is trying to help him?

  2. Why do glue sticks stick to everything but the stick?

  3. Why do they put a limit to the cost of someone’s last meal?

  4. Why do we move with gaming controllers when we know it makes no difference?

  5. When someone hurts us on accident and says they’re sorry, why do we say it’s okay? I mean… it hurt… it’s probably not okay. Why don’t we say, “It hurt, but I’m going to be alright.”

  6. Why are bath bubbles always white, no matter the color of the soap?

  7. Why is today always a good day to get a new car?

  8. Did Jessie’s mom end up dating her son’s friends?

  9. Why does the lottery take pictures of lottery winners? Don’t most of those people want to remain anonymous?

  10. If we evolved from monkeys — wouldn’t all the monkeys be gone?

  11. Why does Superman dodge things that are thrown at him if he can stop a speeding bullet?

  12. Why do banks charge you fees when you overdraw when they already know you don’t have any money?

  13. Why do people go back and forth to the refrigerator when they’re hungry? Do they hope the fridge will sprout new food?

  14. Why do people pick things up off the floor when vacuuming just to examine it and place it back on the floor?

  15. Why do people believe us when we say the world is round but must check to confirm if the sign they see really has “Wet Paint”?

  16. What happens when you call 867–5309?

  17. How do you know when you woke up on the wrong side of the bed when people wake up on the same side of the bed every morning.

  18. Couldn’t Jack have joined Rose on the floating door in Titanic?

  19. Why do you say “Ouch” when something is supposed to hurt but doesn’t?

  20. Why is the cartoon-style of a heart shaped like a butt? 🧡

Our minds conjure up some amazingly odd questions every day that have no real binding on our day to day lives.

Some of these you may have thought of before and others, you can now never forget.

You’re welcome.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

Copyright © 2022 Kayla Tackett

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