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Adult Birthdays: It’s Not Always About Getting Older

Birthdays are a constant in all of our lives. Every year they come and go, and we slowly see ourselves aging.

Today is my husband's 31st birthday. He is the inspiration for this piece today.

Some people go all out for their birthday each year, while others act like it is just any other day. My husband is the ladder. He acts like his birthday is just like any other day that comes and goes.

When you are young, birthdays are such a big deal. Our children expect fireworks and large amounts of gifts with lots of people. For their birthdays, as well as everyone else's. If I mention that there is an adult's birthday coming up, they are instantly asking me when the party is.

Also, when you're young, you look forward to getting older. One year closer to driving a car, getting to stay up late eating junk food and working. Their adolescence shields them from what adult life actually looks like.

Once you become an adult, birthdays are no longer looked at with twinkling eyes. You start acting like it is the plague and avoiding it at all costs. It's similar to Christmas. When you're young, Christmas is a magical time full of wonder. Once you're grown it becomes a time full of financial struggle and stress.

If you're at a point in your life where your birthday has become a burden - there are a few ways you can put that twinkle back in your eye.

  1. Have a party: Even if you don't want to fixate on the fact that it's your birthday. You can throw a party just because. Create a theme to the holiday your birthday falls around or just a fun theme you think your friends and family would enjoy. If you have a hard time arranging things for the party yourself, I bet you have an outgoing obnoxious friend who would love to do it for you.

  2. Eat at your favorite restaurant: Get in a fancy outfit and go with your spouse, group of friends or family. Get the most expensive thing on the menu and treat yourself.

  3. Shopping spree: This is probably going to hit home for the female readers. A shopping spree can get you out of a funk. Channel your inner Clueless character and wave goodbye to buyer's remorse!

  4. Make a movie night: (This is what Derrek has chosen) Regardless of who you're with - make it an event. Get your favorite movies, popcorn, snacks and drinks together. (Don't forget your favorite wine!) Get matching pajamas and take a massive number of pictures. Make your birthday a night to remember.

Even if you are not 100% excited about the day you entered the world, you can use it as a day to celebrate anything! Remind yourself that you are an important person who is worth a good time once a year.

Making your day silly and memorable every year will start to fade your fear away. Keep it positive and look at it as a way to connect with your inner child.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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