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A poem (or not) For Stay-at-Home Mothers

Do you ever wonder why conversations about careers are always in-depth and the other individual seems genuinely interested in what you are telling them?

However, if you were to have the same context of conversation with a stay-at-home mother, the conversation seems to take a completely different turn.

Meeting a huge deadline would bring about pats on the back and congratulations, but no one comes to ask us if our child got a good grade on that project... that we spent weeks helping them with.

No one asks if the dance recital went the way we expected.

Explaining to someone that you spent your evening clearing grass stains from the good clothes and removing cereal from your couch cushions sadly does not seem to give the same effect as explaining to someone you just landed the greatest raise of your career.

Stay-at-home mothers seem to often be looked over as some unneeded entity, which is probably the reason so many of us are not interested in joining your fancy dinner pary to celebrate your new client contract.

Although we are very happy your life is going in the direction you wanted it to go, we also understand that the life we have chosen is of no interest to you and we would rather not spend the entire evening attempting to justify the decision we have made to run our household.

Far be it from us to pass judgement on your decisions, they are amazing in their own way. But for us, so are ours.


To read this poem (or not poem) and many others like it. Check out my book "It's Not Poetry. The Innermost Thoughts of a Stressed-out Housewife"!

🧡 Shine Bright, Kayla

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