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A Couples Journey to Healthier Living

Last night I was having a conversation with my husband, and we decided to make some couples New Year’s resolutions that were directly related to improving our health.

He wants to lose weight and I want to gain; we both want to start eating better and getting movement. We’re not getting any younger. Both of us are in our thirties now and we’re realizing that we’re nowhere near as energetic as we were in our 20s. It’s time to make a point to start planning for our future health.

While sitting up and talking… we came up with a few ideas that we could do together to give us both the motivation to follow through.

  1. Drink Kale Shakes: Okay, so Derrek has only agreed to try a sip of this at the beginning to see how he likes it. But that’s something! We are going to get a routine together to have one of these a day in the morning before coffee.

  2. Daily protein/weight loss shakes: This is something we can do together but we must have two different items. I need to desperately gain weight and protein shakes seem to help. (I’ve tried them before) but I wasn’t motivated enough to keep going. I’m hoping to do this along with Derrek will help me keep on track and allow me to remind him to have his weight loss shakes.

  3. Be more active: Both of us have gotten into a slump since the COVID pandemic hit. We got so used to being home all the time and not doing very much. So much so, that it has become the norm. We both agree that this is catering to our issues with health and it needs to be resolved. We are going to start small… with walks. Then we’ll go over it again after a few months to see if we’re ready to start a gym membership.

It’s not a large list but it’s a start. Just like everyone else, we don’t like admitting that we’re doing things wrong. We don’t like to tell ourselves that the reason we are having health issues is due to the decisions we have made or are making.

However, I’m happy that we were able to get this information out in the open. Our concerns about one another and ourselves. It allowed us to really think of options we have to make changes.

What else would you suggest we do to get on a healthier path?

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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