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7 Steps to Expanding Creativity

Everyone is looking for ways to become more creative. Being creative can open doors that you never knew existed. With more and more jobs opening up to creative individuals that know their way around a computer — It would be helpful to know a little bit about how to break into your untapped creative potential. With that in mind, let's go over seven ways to grasp your creative reins!

  • Think Outside the Box: We’re always looking to become more professional. Ways to cater to the best of the best and show your worth. However, not everything has to be as strait laced as we think. If you’re looking to be more creative than the person next to you, it would be wise to look at things that are not within the norm. Let your mind wander free.

  • Keep Things Funny: Humor is always a wonderful addition to creation. Taking something normal and making it funny can spark ideas that are more creative than you thought before. Think about it, when you put googly eyes on a rock… it does not change the item itself, but it creates a thought that this solid object can now speak and have a personality.

  • Take Note of Your Dreams: Our dreams are windows into the innermost parts of our souls. Our minds conjure up amazing fantasies that can be a starting point for new creations. Something as silly as a dream about a dog in a tub can spark an idea for a new animal spa business.

  • Create Connections: Have you ever heard the term; “You have to know somebody who knows somebody?” This is something that is known in all forms of work. In this case, the term ‘connection’ is a bit different. Rather than needing to know someone, you just have to know someone’s idea. For example, the person who invented wheels probably got the idea from the person who invented the wagon.

  • Take A Note from Your Inner Child: Children are creative and inspiring creatures. They see beauty in simple things such as weeks and tree trunks. Adults on the other hand, tend to think of things as they are. So, digging deep within yourself to find your inner child can tap into that creative mentality you are longing to achieve.

  • Stretch Your Abilities: You are just one more inch away from reaching a creative potential you’ve never envisioned. Every new creation is a result of someone pushing themselves beyond their limits. That new cell phone you just bought, those new sneakers your child loves and even that car you drive. All are products of stretched abilities. Pushing yourselves further than you’ve ever pushed before can move mountains.

  • Be A Cameleon: Situations arise that require you to morph from time to time. When you attend a business meeting, you’re quiet and professional. When you attend a young child's birthday party, you're silly and outgoing. The way we act and conduct ourselves is based on the atmosphere around you. Do the same thing when trying to be creative. Morph yourself into something out of the ordinary — put yourself into a world all of your own and start expanding!

If you take the time to practice these different techniques, you will start seeing a change in your creativity. Give yourself a set time throughout your day to dedicate to expanding your creativity.

Expand your mind to the possibilities of something greater!

You can do it! I have faith you’ll get exactly where you want to be!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

Originally posted on September 2022

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