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7 Secrets to Longer and Healthier Love

Being in a relationship is a lot of work and continuous compromise. You read articles about this all the time. I have even written a couple of these myself on, including Relationship Magic and We Need to Talk.

This particular article is to shed some light on how to continue developing your current relationship and allowing it to blossom.

Let’s start with some easy ones!

  • Be Kind: No one wants to have coitus with someone that is always angry and has nothing nice to say. Politeness will remind your partner that you respect them and have an interest in their feelings. Even when you’re feeling frustrated, keep a cool head and be as kind as you can be. No one can resist being the king / queen of someone's world.

  • Keep Flirting: The fire should never burn out in a relationship. Keeping it passionate, playful and a bit spicy can fuel that fire. I’m aware that long term relationships and marriages have an ongoing joke that indicates the sexiness starts to wear thin over time, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Keep your partner guessing, take steps to remind them you’re trying and show small signs of your wild side!

  • Think of Your Spouse: Even for something as simple as a quick gas station pit stop. Give yourself a moment to think about if your spouse needs or wants something. A favorite drink or snack can go a long way. If you’re thinking of making a purchase that costs a large amount of money, keep your partner in mind. Would this be something they would want to be a part of? Do you think they agree this purchase should be made? Better yet, have a conversation with them about your thoughts to remind them you are thinking about them.

  • Be Their Protector: Protection does not always require you to rage forward in a blaze of glory holding an axe. Sometimes, it’s as simple as standing up for them in situations that call for it. This is a popular situation when visiting relatives. Mother-in-laws can be brutal. Protection can be helping and supporting rather than physical fights.

Now, let’s get into the deeper things:

  • Love The Skin You're In: When you are constantly advising your spouse how fat you are or how much you’ve let yourself go, it can create a rift in your relationship. Your spouse will continue to attempt to reassure you that they love all parts of you. On the other side of that coin, not taking pride in yourself and taking care of yourself can cause problems as well. If you’re not willing to put in the work to take care of yourself, how can anyone assume you will put in work to keep a relationship going strong?

  • Don’t Give Up Your Independence: Some people believe that ‘needing someone’ can be a great way to keep someone with you. However, this can be a huge turn off for some. There is nothing sexier than someone who has their life together and can take care of things on their own. Sometimes, being that person that is always in need of someone's help to survive can be luring at first, but after a while, it can make your spouse feel like they are taking care of another child. So, keep your own income and make time with friends and family alone.

  • Value Your Partner: Over the years you can forget small things. Remembering to hold your partners hand on dates, to give hugs at random times and sending cute messages when your partner is not home. These things seem to fade over time without us even noticing. You get into a routine; life gets in the way and changes continuously present themselves. However, we should always remember to show our spouse how much we love and value them. Thank them for cleaning the house every once in a while, remind them you are proud of everything they have accomplished and make a point to ask them about their day. Showing someone that you value them does not take much time or effort and can go a long way.


If you do your best to practice these traits each day, you will continue to impress your loved one! They will begin to fall in love with you all over again from just small simple and loving gestures.

We all have someone we love, and we always want them to remember what they mean to us, but people aren’t mind readers. If you want them to know, you have to show them!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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