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6 Ways to Spot Another Mother

We would all like to seem put together as mothers whenever we are out and about. Looking as if we're ready for the runway. There are many blogs out there that express how to look like you've got it all figured out, but what about the mothers that want to be reminded that they're not alone. The ones that find cheerios in their hair, four hours into their workday, feel like that haven't slept in days when they first wake up in the morning and have come to terms with the fact that their home and laundry will never stay clean. What about them?

Well, I have wonderful news! I am one of those mothers.

Today, mothers look so much like their daughters that it's difficult to decipher who is the parent. The outfits you can buy your daughters today are almost an exact replica of one's you can buy yourselves. So, how in the world does one spot a mother out in the world today?

I have found 10 different ways to find other mothers like us! Let's have a look, shall we?

She's out with children: Now this isn't always a sure bet. One would have to pay attention to how the woman interacts with the child(ren). Is she pleasant and overly accommodating? If so, she's probably a stepparent or nanny. However, is she is getting flustered and seems as if she's struggling to hold it together... ta-da! You have a partner in crime.

She's in a hurry: We've all had those shopping trips where we're out grabbing ingredients for that night's dinner or got caught up binge watching our favorite cooking show and now, we only have 30 minutes before we must grab a young one from soccer practice. Rushing has become second nature. If you see a woman out rushing through the isle, chances are, you've found a mother there too.

More Snacks than food: (When grocery shopping) If you're looking into the woman's cart next to you, and you see more Little Debbie snacks than greens and meats.... It's more than likely that there are more children in her home than adults. Especially if any of the snacks have unicorns or cartoons present on the packaging.

Her hair is a mess: Sure, there are days where I make it out of the house with hair like the mothers from the 50's. But the majority of the time, it looks like it took a tumble through the dryer a few times.

She has clothing stains: We've all seen the parents with the spit up on their shoulder that happened right before they walked out the door for work. However, this is not just connected to burping babies. I've had chocolate milk, cola and spaghetti spilled on me more than I care to admit. I've even had throwup, slime, gum and a multitude of other items I'd rather not mention in my hair at one point.

She looks sleepy: Mothers tend to have their share of sleepless nights. Moreso for those with younger children. Wake ups at three in the morning, nightmares or just refusing to sleep, there are many reasons mothers may be up watching television reruns through the evening hours. If you find that a woman you see at the department store looks a bit sleepy, ask if she needs any assistance. It may mean more than you would think.

Sometimes, all you need is another mother who is going through the same thing you are to keep you from completely losing it all together. We tend to feel as if we are always going through parenting issues on our own. We get caught up in our own lives and forget that there are others out there. Others who are eating their snacks in the bathroom, listening to cartoon theme songs so much they could recite them and forgetting that there is a whole world outside of the walls of their home.

You're not alone. We are out there. If you need someone to talk to...

I'm always up for a chat.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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