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5 Tips to Organize Your Closet

There are many of us that take time after the new year to get some things organized. For some, it is one of your new year's resolutions.

But where do you begin?

For me, it's always the enclosed spaces. I'm always doing my best to keep the open spaces (places people can see) together and clutter free. However, I tend to disregard locations that are normally only seen by me or my husband. Because of this, those areas end up becoming obnoxiously cluttered.

Before making the decision to begin this organization:

  • Make sure you have enough time

  • Turn on some music that you enjoy

  • Make sure the children are otherwise entertained - or there is someone to watch them

  • Don't overdo it

Once you've done those things, you're ready to begin your organization!

For those of you who are like me, I have conjured up some tips on how to get rid of clutter from your closet and get it organized.

  1. Empty it out: Take everything out of the closet. The key is to make it look the same as it did when you moved in. This is going to provide you a clean slate to work with when you begin the organization portion of your process.

  2. Trash Removal: This could be actual trash, old clothing and shoes that do not fit or random items that you've accumulated over the past year. Sit with a trash bag by your side and start tossing things into it that you know you do not need or have not worn throughout the previous year.

  3. Donation Items: If you find things that you no longer want or need but could still be used by others. Don't throw them away. Set them aside to take you your local donation location. Give someone else the opportunity to gain the things you no longer have a use for. This could be said for just about anything you've stashed in that closet of yours.

  4. Color or Size Separation: I am one of those people that has a monstrous number of shoes and purses in different colors. My clothing is no different. If you are similar in this area... I have found that separating items by color (or size) can help you decipher your daily outfits in a quicker fashion than before. Get them separated into piles before beginning to return things to the closet.

  5. Plan Your Organization: Before returning items to the closet, you want to ensure you have a clear plan of action. Where are the shoes going to go, what order of size or color would you like the clothes to hang, or is anything going to be folded within the closet? Make sure to include the boxes and bags you normally keep on the top shelf. Maybe they can be moved to another location or removed entirely.

Sometimes, it's helpful to have a simple checklist to get the ball rolling when you already feel that you have too much to do.

I hope this list was helpful to your process!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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