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5 Tips: Budgeting and Saving Money

Saving money is the goal for just about everyone. Whether you have children or not, you're probably wanting to save money. This could be for something you want to purchase in the future or savings for emergencies such as a broken-down vehicle or unexpected expenses.

Whatever your reasoning, saving money is something that is difficult for many of us.

For parents, it seems next to impossible. We have new school clothes and supplies to purchase every August, mountains of gifts to get in November/December, birthday gifts throughout the year and the random need to replace items we were not expecting to replace.

So, how does someone with all of those expenditures plus regular living expenses end up saving money?

Well, let's go over our options.

  • Unused stream of income: Yes, there is the option of creating a stream of income specifically generated for savings. This could be from a small home-based business you run, working a side hustle job such as door dash or instacart or connecting with an affiliate program. Adding something like this to the job you already work to pay your living expenses can give you a cushion of income in case of emergencies.

  • Creating a budget: I call our budget: "Living Like a College student" Rather than paying high dollar for all items you need, gain the off brand. Instead of getting that new game system for yourself or your children right now, wait until tax time or after you've gained a bit of savings and stash that money away. Create a plan that works for you to set back every extra penny.

  • Start a savings account: I use a budget binder to hold all of my savings rather than using a traditional bank savings account, but the idea is one in the same. Stash your money in a place as if it has already been spent. Tell yourself that those funds are used elsewhere and no longer available for use. This will keep you from draining those funds on items that are not needed.

  • Set a specific amount aside for those random replacements: Kids are going to need new shoes, clothes and school items. They may break your television, lamp or oven (yes, that has happened in this household). When those issues arise, it would be nice to have a set amount aside to replace those items.

  • Sell unneeded or unwanted items: We all have things lounging in our closets or around our house that we haven't touched or even thought about in a year or more. Why not take those items and use them to get some income into your savings? Collect all clothing that is too small, old game systems that are not used and unnecessary furniture and sell those items for cash. If you haven't used them in a year, they won't be missed.

Saving income sounds difficult when you're pinching pennies, but there are ways to get more income stashed away if you have the discipline to do so. Get the ball rolling on getting that emergency fund to raise!

Everyone is looking for ways to stop stressing about income, start your adventure toward that stress relief today!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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