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5 Favorite and Not so Favorite Sayings

Throughout our lives there are sayings that we cling to from our youth or that we learn over time. Some, stick to us because they give us optimism or hope for the future, and others stick to us because we find them idiotic.

When thinking about writing this piece, I had a hard time deciding on my favorites. After all, you hear a lot of amazing advice and motivational things from day to day. I'm happy to say I was able to limit the list down to five.

However, with the idiotic and irritating sayings, I had a harder time whittling down to the five I have presented. I feel like I should have added more. However, for the sake of this piece, and knowing you may have laundry to fold today, I kept it short.

5 Favorite Sayings:

  1. There’s no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs: Probably my favorite saying EVER! We forget that there are no easy ways to get to where we’d like to be. With all the new technology out there… people are always hoping for quick fixes and shortcuts that never come. Remember there is always a path you must follow to make it! And you can do it!

  2. Love will find a way: I have always been bit of a hopeless romantic. I have always dreamed of that white picket fence story I was told in my youth. Although I don’t have the white picket fence… I found my true love story 8 years ago. I person who loves me without conditions and makes me feel like I can take on the world. Without him, I wouldn’t have the courage to do all of the things I do! We’ve been through the lowest of lows and the highest of highs… & We’re still going strong. Love truly does find a way!!

  3. Going the extra mile: I love the idea of going above and beyond what I, or anyone else, expects of me. I enjoy pushing myself past my limits and surprising myself with my progress. We are all here to break the molds and make changes! The only question is, what we will chose to do with those abilities?

  4. Think Ahead: Being prepared for the unthinkable can be difficult. We’re always focused on the here and now… that the future can be only in the back of our mind. This can be detrimental to us. Think about it, there are some that don’t think about retirement at all until our early forties. That puts us in a position to scramble trying to get affairs in order. Better to think ahead now than later.

  5. Have a Positive Mindset: Positivity is one of the things I pride myself on. Being negative never gets you anywhere. You end of thinking of all the ways something can go wrong, so you just decide no to do it. Where does that get you? Nowhere! You end up with nothing to show for the life that you’ve kept when you think that way. Being positive can allow you to think outside the box and come out of your comfort zone.

5 Least Favorite Sayings:

  1. I can’t: I hate this saying more than I can put into words. We forget the wonders that humans have created over the years. We have learned time and time again that anything can be done with a little time and determination.

  2. I hate you: There is no one on this earth that I HATE. I dislike some individuals to an extent. I have a few people I would rather not spend my time around. But hate is a strong word. I feel that if you hate someone, you will not attempt to save them if they were in danger. & I can’t think of anyone that I wouldn’t help.

  3. It is what it is: My husband says this phrase all the time and it sends a shiver down my spine. I know when he states that phrase… the answer is the opposite. It is a defeating phrase that gives the impression someone has given up hope. No one should ever give up hope.

  4. This is useless: Okay, I understand there are times when times get hard, and we feel like our efforts are not getting us to where we would like. This does not mean we should throw our hands up and express that the attempts are useless. They were not. We’ve learned that this way doesn’t work, and we just need to make some changes to our path. Nothing is useless. The things that don’t go according to plan teach us something. They teach us that this way won’t get results.

  5. Maybe: I’m not a fan of this word in any capacity. I remember when I was young, I would ask my mom something and when her response was, “maybe” I knew it wasn’t happening. Maybe is a negative in my eyes because it shows the individual saying it is not confident on the subject. Confidence is a key part of gaining success. One day, I will strip this word from my vocabulary.

Of course, although I dislike my least favorite sayings.... that doesn't mean I have not used them a time or two (or 20) throughout my lifetime. We all dislike something we've done here and there.

What saying has stuck with you throughout your life? Why has it stuck with you and do you plan on sharing those sayings with your littles?

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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