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5 Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is right around the corner guys! The day where we show our loving mother how much we appreciate everything they’ve done for us throughout our lives.

The noteworthy things… like buying us our first car, helping us apply for college and showing us how to file our first tax return. Then, all the things we never really thought of or thanked her for… like making our lunches, doing laundry, keeping the house clean, driving us anywhere we wanted to go and shielding us from any strain or struggle she went through while we were young.

So, how do you get a gift that says thank you for all that? Nothing seems enough when you think about it that way.

However, I went searching and found five different items that may come a bit close.

This ArtPix 3D Crystal Photo gift is a personalized gift for mom that can be something that your mother can keep with her for all time. A conversation starter for when she has visitors and a reminder of your connection.


Give your mother a gift that can grow with this Wooden Family Birthday reminder calendar board! With each new addition to the family, your mother can add new tags for the world to see!


Custom photo blankets are always a good decision. Add photos of your last reunion, the grandchildren or your favorite photos of you and your mother together. Remind her of the family or memories made of the years.


This puzzle allows for you to customize 10 reasons you love your mother! An amazing keepsake that she will be able to put together and frame or keep available to put together anytime she wants. Explain your love your way with this amazing gift!

5. This personalized leatherbound journal is an amazing gift for any mothers out there who love to jot things down. Keeping notes of the special occasions, birthdays and anniversaries in a book that reminds her how much she is loved.


Mothers are amazing creatures. They create life and bear souls onto this Earth and some return to normal day to day life less than 24 hours later. They find the good in us, even when we can’t. They nurture us with unconditional love and then continue to guide us throughout adulthood.

And you know what else? They never ask for anything in return.

They don’t require ‘Thank You’s” or quid pro quo… they just want to see us succeed and become the best version of ourselves.

One day a year to honor them and remind them that all the things they did for us mattered doesn’t seem like enough.

However, it’s what we have.

I hope that this piece has been helpful for you on your journey to reminding your mother what an amazing creature she is and how thankful you are for all of the love and assistance she has provided you throughout your life.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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