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3 Key Tips to Reduce Stress: No Need to Wear Orange

.... Your child has given the teacher a hard time, once again, all because he was angry about getting in trouble...

... You got hired for a job, but you have seven-thousand hoops to jump through in order to start when you only have 3 dollars in the bank...

... You child has decided their carpet is a new bathroom and you are constantly trying to find new ways to keep the room from smelling like a urinal....

Do any of these scenario's sound eerily familiar?

If they do... You're probably understand being stressed out.

Stress is a continuous problem in our lives, and it can get very noticeable when serious issues present themselves. More and more people are reporting serious situations in their lives increasing their stress levels beyond what they can handle.

We're all in fight or flight mode and it's giving us high blood pressure, putting strain on our immune system and creating heart issues. Therefore, stress is shortening our lives or lowering our quality of life.

You see many blog posts; YouTube vides and cell phone apps that are created to attempt to help manage stress levels. However, sometimes we get hit with high stress without time to prepare.

In those situations, we need something that we can do quickly that will work fast and can be done anytime.... and anywhere.

If you're placed into a situation where stress comes to unexpectedly bite you in the butt...

Give these tips a try:

Tip #1: Breath

Breathing deep can release unwanted stress, if done in the correct manner. Doing your Lamaze breathing from your pregnancy class probably isn't going to help much... unless you are indeed having a baby, that is.

Breathing in for 5 seconds, then out for five seconds can be the difference between throwing a table across the room or stopping a child fight in your kitchen. It can be the difference between being escorted by police out of your workplace or calmly questioning your boss about why you didn't get the promotion.


Tip #2: Count

No, not like you count sheep when you go to sleep. Slowly counting to ten in stressful situations can bring down your irritations. Hint: Focusing on your breathing while you count helps the process go quicker.

I used to count like:

  1. I'm going to go insane.

  2. I'm going to lose my Sh**.

  3. I swear it, I look good in orange. (Most jails have orange outfits)

  4. Okay, I can get through this.

  5. Sure, everyone can live.

  6. ......

And so on.

Tip #3: Fidget

Yup, fidget spinners aren't just for hyperactive teenagers anymore. They're for stressed out workers and parents too. And not just the spinners... there are stress balls, fidget puzzles and coloring books now to help you lower stress.

"I don't care if I was the only one in the meeting with a coloring book, I was polite, and no one got hurt. Leave me alone Karen!"


We all handle stressful situations in different ways, but sometimes it's nice to have some information to help us along.

Good luck to all of you! I hope this has helped.

If not.... I'm sure you look good in orange too.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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