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13 Steps to Make & Publish Notebooks

I’ve written a few times about the products I create on The most lucrative I have been creating are the notebooks, journals, diaries, recipe books and bullet journals on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) that sell on Amazon.

If you would like to view those that I have created Click this LINK.

Throughout my time working on social media, I have been asked multiple times to explain my process of creating and publishing low content books. So much so, that I just posted a YouTube video walking you through the process.

A full-length step by step — showing my full process.

If you are more interested in reading this step by step — continue on…

Step 1: Visit This has a paid and free version, allowing you to create your very own low content books. Just create an account and begin.

Step 2: The cover. Through the video, I go over creating a 100-page notebook, which requires the cover to be 12.475 X 9.25 in. So, make sure you size the cover correctly to ensure your book will be accepted. Whatever words or images you place on the right-hand side of your cover will be the front and, anything on the left, will be the back.

Step 3: Save your cover in PDF format.

Step 4: The manuscript (interior): This can be whatever you wish but cannot be 100% blank pages. The regular size for interior is 6 X 9. You can choose to just create lined paper using line elements or you can add dots for a bullet journal look.

Step 5: Save manuscript in PDF format.

Step 6: Visit and sign up. (You can use your current Amazon account for this.) It is no cost to you!

Step 7: Select Create.

Step 8: Select paperback.

Step 9: Upload Manuscript and Cover.

Step 10: Launch Previewer. You must preview your book before posting to ensure it is within the measurements required.

Step 11: Select Approve.

Step 12: Choose what you wish to charge for your book.

Step 13: Select Publish!

That’s all she wrote folks! 13 simple steps to creating your very own low content books. The style, font, colors and interior are all of your own imagination! Getting started with passive income has never been so easy!

Good Luck on your creations!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

Originally published on August 2022

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