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10 Tips to Go Viral

Everyone who’s anyone is looking to be the next online sensation, regardless of their choice of platform. Going viral can get you in the public eye quicker than you could promote yourself in months. Amazing, isn’t it?

The hard part is creating the right content, to go out at the right time and be seen by the right people.

I can picture you all sitting there… posting your newest creation with your fingers crossed... Please let this be the one to go viral…

Let’s go over 10 things that may help you on your journey of internet stardom!

1. Make Your Mark on Reddit

Getting noticed on Reddit is going to gather multitudes of views and connections for you! On Reddit, viewers have the option to upvote or downvote your uploaded content. If your content continues to gain upvotes you can be skyrocketed to the front page. Which means Cha-ching for you.

This is more difficult than one would assume. You can’t just jump on the platform guns blazing and start pushing your self-promotion. You have to attempt to integrate yourself within the community first. Think smart! The Reddit platform does not appreciate individuals who only self-promote upon their platform. In addition, they have some rules and regulations regarding the subject.

2. SEO and Keywords

You want to ensure that what you post comes up when people search for the information online. You can go through and evaluate what is being searched for yourself or you can look into locations like VidIQ or Fiverr to gain assistance in this area.

Of course, you want your titles and descriptions to make sense, but you also want to ensure you have as many keywords as possible within those items.

Some locations have ways to gain traffic, such as tags. YouTube and TikTok are two of the most famous for using these.

3. Keep Up on Today’s Topics

Moving your content in the direction that the world has eyes on is always going to keep you in the spotlight. Take this article for instance, multitudes of people today are looking for more and more ways to go viral… You’re reading my post, aren't you?

Find unique and interesting ways to keep up with the latest news, gossip and trends throughout your content. Even if it’s miniscule, it will go a long way.

Best thing to do is to set your sights on news coming out on Facebook, Google and TikTok. These are the largest used platforms today. If it’s new news, it’s going to be there.

4. Roll Out Some Bomb Ass Content

You can choose whatever niche you wish in whatever way you want to distribute your content. Whether that is blogging, video content or through your own website! Just make sure whatever you choose to do catches your viewers' attention and feelings. Videos are the most popular content. This is because they have a better way of catching a viewer's attention. Go figure.

Shiny things.

5. Connect with Other Influencers

Think about it, if you produce some kind of content, and that content is shared by another creator with an extremely large following…. chances are that your following is going to grow at a rapid rate.

However, don’t start jumping for joy just yet. There are thousands if not millions of people hoping to be discovered by famous individuals on a daily basis and the amount that actually do are very slim. This goes back to having unique and interesting content. If it catches the eye of someone like that, you’re in like Flynn.

Creating connections is the answer here. *It is my answer to pretty much everything* If you have already gained rapport with a larger known influencer, you can then request their assistance to get your content moving. Going to a random popular creator asking for help is probably not going to get you very far. After all, they’re busy… and they don’t know you.

6. Contests and Giveaways

Yup, you can’t fight with free… as my husband always says.

Running a contest or giveaway is a great way to gain a quick following. Especially if this is something you tend to do on a regular basis. People love getting things for free. Many of them, don’t even care what the item is, as long as they don’t have to pay for it. If you make things with a Cricut, you’re golden. Create something that is connected to your brand and set up a giveaway. Or, like me, if you’re a published author, you could do a giveaway of your book. Thus, gaining you the following you’re looking for in multiple areas. Now, this is not going to keep every follower you gain. Some people are just going to join for the free item and bolt, that is inevitable. However, the majority will stay.

7. Shock & Awe

Even bad publicity is good publicity. If you’re comfortable being hated by some individuals you will never meet on the internet you can choose to do something, or talk about something, that is considered a controversial topic. Although you may get some angry blowback, it will get noticed and shared.

Large strong emotion, good or bad, provokes sharing and communication. So, if you decide to talk about politics, religion or the previous JD V. AH Trial, you could end up in the viral tornado!

8. Eye Catching Pictures/Video

The average time viewers spend on content on TikTok is 7 seconds. SEVEN SECONDS — that means you have an enormously small window to connect with your viewer. Choose your visual effects, pictures and video wisely. It will be either your golden goose or your Akillies heal.

Many of the most used platforms are specifically circulated around visual content. Instagram, TikTok, Pintrest and YouTube… To name a few. So, this is crucial to your future as a viral content creator.

My favorite location to create unique visual content would be but there are many other options available to you.

9. Get Them Belly Laughing

Laughter is the best medicine. If you’ve always been able to get chuckles out of your peers, co-workers or family, even if you weren’t trying, this may assist you in your dreams of going viral. It’s pretty amazing how many items of shared content have comedy as their focal point. Taking it to another level entirely, if your content hits a high note in the comedy category… you may even start to notice it being shared in multiple different forms. Such as YouTube videos, blogs and other social media platforms.

Connecting through laughter has been a popular tactic for many years. Ever since Frank Fay hit the scene in 1920.

10. Unique content is the way to be!

Let’s wrap things up! If you’re recycling old content to try to gain unique views, you’re going in the wrong direction.

If you want to go viral guys, you need to do the unimaginable. Something no one has thought of yet or something that no one has done in the manner of which you do it. Get them fired up about what you’ve done to the point they share it with others. Whether that is on their social media or by word of mouth.

Get them all in their feels! Connection is Key!

🧡 Shine Bright, Kayla

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